Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Additions: August 2022

Every month, a few games leave and some new titles are added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Microsoft has a similar model planned for August 2022.

The games that are about to leave the subscription have already been announced. The list only includes one title: Hades from 2019. However, the subscription will be adding four new titles to enjoy during August.

What are the New Games Coming to the Xbox Game Pass in August 2022?

The four games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass come August are listed below:

  1. Turbo Golf Racing
  2. Two Point Campus
  3. Midnight Fight Express
  4. Immortality

These games will make their way into the subscription sometime during August 2022. The release dates have been spread out throughout the month to ensure players have something new to play continuously.

Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing is like Rocket League, but instead of soccer, the sport in focus is golf. This game is currently in Early Access on Steam and is heading over to the Xbox Game Pass. This will give more attention to this title with great potential.

Rocket League is played by millions of gamers around the world. It is a free-to-play title and is extremely fun. With the addition to the Game Pass subscription, we can see Turbo Golf Racing is headed in the right direction as RL. Only time will say whether it will be as popular.

Turbo Golf Racing will be added to the Game Pass subscription on August 4.

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus puts players in the shows of the master architect of a university. The game has been developed by the developers of Two Point Hospital. It is filled with British surrealist comedy. If you love The Sims games, Two Point Campus is worth looking out for.

The game will be added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription on August 9.

Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express is an action brawler. Interestingly, it was developed by a single guy named Jacob Dzwinel. The game is on point with its beautiful visuals. It feels like a tribute to the 80s action movies. The display of violence and gore feels brutal. Players will be reminded of titles like Hotline Miami and DOOM.

Midnight Fight Express will be added to the subscription on August 23.


Immortality was developed by former Silent Hill developer, Sam Barlow. The game was published by Netflix. It is a narrative-focused game. Players are tasked with solving the mystery of the fate of a film star named Marissa Marcel and why the three movies she made never made it to the theatres. The game will be out on August 30, 2022. It will be a day one addition to the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

With four new titles headed to Xbox Game Pass, including one of them being a Day One addition, August 2022 is looking great for the subscription.

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