Upcoming Skins Post Genshin Impact 3.4 Leaked: Klee, Kaeya and Others

 Upcoming Skins Post Genshin Impact 3.4 Leaked: Klee, Kaeya and Others

Genshin Impact has begun releasing skins again now that Sumeru and Dendro releases have been mostly taken care of. In the upcoming Version 3.4, we’re getting Lisa’s Sumeru-themed Akademiya skin and another festive skin for Kamisato Ayaka. Both of these look gorgeous but if you were wondering what other characters we might soon be getting skins for- you’ve come to the right place because we have all the answers.

Upcoming Character Skins in Genshin Impact Post Version 3.4

Genshin Impact’s next character skins are almost confirmed to be that of Kaeya and Klee. Kaeya’s skin is rumoured to be his original design and it looks strongly influenced by swan or peacock attributes. Even though the feathers and patterns look Sumerian, theorycrafters say they are primarily influenced by his constellation Pavo Ocellus which translates to Peacock eyespot. 

The Swan influence is likely due to his Khaenrian roots because we know the Schwaneritter (Swan Knight) was an order of knights from Khaenri’ah. In Sumeru, we also learn that the two Giant Ruin Golems were operated by the Schwaneritters before the fall of the Eclipse Dynasty and the Great Cataclysm. Since Kaeya is strongly hinted at having Khaenrian ancestry or connection, this attire might just be a hint.

As for Klee, all we know about her costume is that it is Halloween inspired. She even wears the tiny witch hat to look the part. This might also be a connection to her mother Alice who’s often associated with witch archetypes.

There are also rumours about Zhongli’s skin being in development. Players can only hope his skin is another 5-star skin like that of Diluc because Zhongli’s skins have been one of the most demanded by the Genshin fanbase.

Players can expect at least 2-4 other skin releases after Lisa and Ayaka’s in Version 3.4. Considering how Fontaine is still far away, Hoyoverse will have time to give skins to more than just two characters in the meantime. So whose skin are you excited for?

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