Ubisoft Acknowledges Rainbow Six Siege Attachment Skin Disappeared or Missing Glitch

 Ubisoft Acknowledges Rainbow Six Siege Attachment Skin Disappeared or Missing Glitch

In Rainbow Six Siege, the season 4 “Operation Solar Raid” has just been released along with a new map called The Nighthaven Labs. Attachment skins are one of the customization options available in R6S introduced in the Operation Steel Wave expansion.

But unfortunately, many players are reporting on Reddit and Twitter that their Suspicious Material attachment skin is missing or no longer on any of their guns as well as in their list.

According to several reports, the “Suspicious Material” attachment skin disappeared all of a sudden from players’ inventory without any reason.

At the time of writing this post, we have not come across any exact reason behind this issue. Furthermore, there is no temporary workaround to fix this problem.

Some players have suggested restarting the app but that doesn’t help at all. On the other hand, some players have confirmed on Reddit that they have recently got their missing attachment skin back in their inventory.

So, if you are lucky enough, try restarting your game and check your missing attachment skin inventory and check if the glitch is fixed. If not, then don’t worry. The good news is that Ubisoft has already acknowledged this issue and so the fix must be on the way.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the matter

Thankfully, recently Ubisoft has acknowledged this matter where attachment skin in Rainbow Six Siege disappeared or disappeared due to a glitch.

As you can see, they have admitted this matter from their official Twitter page and currently they are investigating the issue so hopefully, we will have its solution very soon in their next update.

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