Dead by Daylight

Top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight

Top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a popular asymmetric survival horror game where players can become the Killer or Survivor. In this game, there will be four Survivors chased by one Killer, and the objective of the Survivors is to repair at least five generators scattered on the map and escape the Killer. Initially, when the game was released in 2016, the game was not that popular, but as time progressed and new updates came, Dead by Daylight has become one of the most popular and scary asymmetric survival horror games.

The game features several Killer Characters who are horrific and dangerous at the same time. This guide will list the top 5 Killer characters in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight Best Killer Characters- Complete List

In Dead by Daylight, Survivor, and Killer, both characters are equally important. However, while the Survivors have the objective to repair the generator and escape the Killer, the Killer has to find them before they escape. The recent Project W update of the game has introduced some renowned antagonists from Resident Evil. Below we have listed the top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight-

The Doctor

Undoubtedly, The Doctor is one of the most challenging Killers. He injects Madness inside the Survivors mainly through two methods- Static Blast and Shock Therapy. If a Survivor will hit by Static Blast, they will scream and take madness damage. On the other hand, Shock Therapy shows effects like hallucinating pallets, Fake terror radius notifications, etc.

Top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight- The Doctor

The Wraith

The Wraith is one of the original killer characters in Dead by Daylight. Dealing with Wraith is difficult because Wraith has the Power to become invisible. They have the Wiling Bell that they can ring and cloak themselves to become invisible. However, they can’t attack players while in the invisible state. They need to put off the cloak to deal damage to the players. Wraiths have a great speed and are an excellent all-rounder option for a Killer.

Top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight- The Wraith

The Pig

If you have been a fan of the SAW franchise, you can’t forget The Pig. She was introduced in Chapter 7 of SAW. Her appearance is terrific, and she can crouch, which removes her terror radius and red killer light and makes her undetectable to the Survivors. Her main attack is the Reverse Bear Trap that she plants on the head of the victims. These traps are inactive until the survivor with the trap on their head repairs a generator. Once the trap is activated, players must find the accurate key to unlock the trap from the Jigsaw boxes scattered around. If they fail to find the key, they will die within 150 seconds.

Top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight- The Pig

The Huntress

This is also an extremely hard Killer character to deal with in Dead by Daylight. She can be easily identified by the hunting tune she hums during a hunt. Though playing as The Huntress is not easy because of her restrictions to aim down at ant sight. But her hunting skills are extremely easy. She throws her Hatchet at the players in front of her.

Top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight- The Huntress

The Shape

Another dangerous Killer in Dead by Daylight. This killer character is unique. Michael Mayer or The Shape is a Killer with a Power Meter. Before the Meter goes up to level 3, he generally doesn’t attack; instead, he follows the Survivors. While following  Survivors as Michael Mayer, players need to keep in mind that they should follow the Survivors marked in White. These Survivors help the Power Meter rise faster.

Top 5 Killers in Dead by Daylight- The Shape

On the other hand, the red marked Survivors lower the Meter. Once the Meter reaches level 3, Mayer can kill the Survivors with one hit. This Power will work until the Meter goes down again. During a game, players can raise their Power Meter multiple times.

These are the Best Killer Characters found in Dead by Daylight. Besides these above-mentioned characters, some more characters can be called one of the best Killers in the game, including The Hillbilly, The Cannibal, The Trapper, The Trickster, and The Nightmare. The above Killer Characters are listed based on our preferences; if you feel you disagree with the list, you can choose a Killer Character of your choice to play.

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