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Top 5 Electro Characters in Genshin Impact

Top 5 Electro Characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact recently announced their Version 3.0 Special Program Livestream and since Sumeru is knocking on our doors, we thought this would be a good time to list the best Electro units in the game. Since Electro is one of the elements that reacts with Dendro which is also coming out with Sumeru, this is an apt time to look at the best Electro characters you can take on your adventure to Sumeru.

Best 5 Electro Characters in Genshin Impact

Electro is the element of Energy and they enable quick and consistent reactions with all the other reactive elements in the game. In the following list, we will not rank the characters in any order since each of them has its own function and role- and they are very good at them individually.

Raiden Shogun

Now we know we said we wouldn’t rank the characters but Raiden Shogun is objectively the best character on this list as she is one of the greatest supports in the game period. She’s also got tons of DPS potential from her E skill and her burst which makes her such a desirable unit. Below are all the features that make her a broken unit.

  • She buffs the elemental bursts of your teammates while also getting buffed by their burst energy costs herself.
  • She enables tons of electro-based reactions from her E skill.
  • She’s the greatest energy battery in the game.
  • In her burst form, she goes toe to toe with the strongest DPS units in the game.
  • Allows flexible team-building.
  • She scales off of Energy Recharge which is also convenient as it helps charge up her burst with almost no downtime. 


Razor is objectively one of the best 4-star DPS in the game and he’s known for his Physical damage despite also dishing out decent electro damage from his E skill and burst. Here’s what we love about him.

  • He’s a great unit by default but gets better with more investment.
  • All his constellations are aimed at improving his kit and overall damage.
  • One of his best weapons is a free craftable weapon.
  • He’s fast despite being a claymore user.
  • He has high damage scaling and he’s easy to use. 

Yae Miko

Yae Miko is one of the strongest electro DPS- only being challenged for the position by Raiden Shogun herself. She’s also the strongest Catalyst DPS in the game seeing as how she’s the only 5-star Catalyst DPS other than Klee. Here’s what we love about this foxy Head Shrine Priestess.

  • She’s a fun-to-use catalyst DPS user.
  • She synergizes best with Raiden Shogun and they both bring out each other’s best potential.
  • Her E skill has a great range and you can just sit back and enjoy the show after casting it on the field.
  • She’s easy to build and allows flexible team-building.
  • She can also be used as a sub-DPS or a burst DPS.


Beidou is a 4-star electro claymore user and she’s famous for her “Full-Counter” mechanic. She’s one of the most fun units in the game and here’s what has us fawning over her.

  • She’s versatile in the sense she can be used as a support, DPS, or sub-DPS depending on your build and needs.
  • Her E skill when perfectly executed is the second strongest single-hit output of damage after Heizou’s E skill.
  • She’s the first character in the game that allowed parrying enemy attacks.
  • Her burst can play an excellent support role for your other characters in the party
  • Her constellations also seek to improve her overall kit and give her more survivability.

It’s a shame her elemental burst doesn’t work with Raiden Shogun’s kit but she’s still a great unit nonetheless.


Fischl is the first physical bow DPS and the first reliable energy battery in the game. She’s a fun character and here are the features that make her still relevant in the game.

  • She’s a versatile bow unit as she can serve as either electro support or a physical DPS.
  • Fischl is a great energy battery for the team, especially for electro teammates. 
  • Her elemental burst has mobility functions.
  • She has high normal attack scaling so you don’t need to use her aimed shots.
  • She also allows for flexible team-building.

The above characters will be excellent choices for exploration and combat in Sumeru since we’ll get to fight Dendro enemies there for the first time. If you have one of the above characters and you’re planning to build them soon- this would be the time!

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