Top 5 Best Google Snake Game Mods

Mycle Ahir
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Google Snake is one of the best games in the world. It is played millions of times by people around the world. It is so addictive that people often end up playing it for hours. If you’ve ever played it and got bored, you can always try installing a mod that adds some spice to the game.  This blog entry will look at the top 5 best Google snake game mods.

Best Google Snake Mods

The original snake game was a huge hit, both in terms of popularity and online gaming until it was overtaken by newer and better games. Maybe not so well known, the Google version of the snake game was immensely popular and is still widely used today.

1. Delete Stuff Mod

The mod that deletes stuff Removes the snake’s eye, animations, and body segments, among other things. Do you dislike the light tiles on the board? Take them out.

If your snake has vanished, you can use the “flash on eat” option to have him check in every time he eats an apple.

This mod is the more approachable cousin of the completely invisible snake mode.

DarkSnakeGang on GitHub deserves credit for being at the forefront of Google Snake game modding.

2. Any Board Size

The Any board size mod is a rough mod. By this, you to change the size of the screen. Some dimension combinations make the game unwinnable due to either too much distance or too small an area for the snake to maneuver.

But, Don’t use this mod in conjunction with the wall-less mode; it defeats the purpose and feels awful.

As an added bonus, you can switch to dark mode and change the colors of the tiles.

3. Mouse Mode for Google Snake

This mod is for those of us who prefer to guide our snake to his fruit with a mouse rather than the keyboard.

This mod allows the snake to dart directly toward your cursor, breaking the game’s standard grid that snakes follow. You can make some loopy shapes with this mod.

The mouse-controlled snake is a relatively new game with its own title.

4. Google Snake Custom Menu Stuff

The HTML bookmark file that you can import into Google Chrome is called Custom Menu Stuff.

This set of commands should be run before using any of the console commands listed in the mods above.

If you’re afraid of the console, this menu mod alone provides enough unlocks and custom game modes for any casual Snake player.

5. Pretty Timers

Pretty Timers mod allows you to customize the appearance of your in-game playtime.

You can select the display format after downloading the bookmark pack or copying the JS for this mod.

To track the important number for your specific goals, you can mix and match capitalization between the minute, second, and millisecond values.

We hope you enjoyed our article about google snake game mods. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your time playing snake and aim to try out all of the different snake game mods available. If you enjoy the mods then, please share your reviews in the Comments.

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