Top 3 Yaoyao Teams in Genshin Impact Version 3.4

 Top 3 Yaoyao Teams in Genshin Impact Version 3.4

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 finally released Yaoyao who was introduced to us back in Version 1.1. She’s a 4-star character from Liyue and like most characters from that region, she’s really really good in her role as a Dendro healer. She’s also a versatile unit who fits into a ton of team comps. Here are some of her best teams.

Best Teams for Yaoyao in Genshin Impact 3.4

The selection of her teams is based on those who can maximise her potential without sacrificing too much damage- since she’s naturally a healer and not a sub-DPS. Her role is to increase the survivability of Dendro teams and not increase their damage.

Nilou Bloom Team

Yaoyao was almost handcrafted for Nilou teams since her Bountiful Cores do so much self-damage. Kokomi was the top pick for the Hydro driver for these teams because her healing could keep up and recover that self-damage. While Yaoyao hasn’t diminished the value of Kokomi, she has opened up the option to use other DPS Hydro units in her place- like Xinqiu, Yelan, Ayato or Childe.

Nilou, Yaoyao, Nahida, Ayato/Childe is the ideal comp that doesn’t compromise on DPS and yet maintains survivability due to Yaoyao’s reliable and intelligent healing, Dendro application and Dendro RES.

Thoma Burgeon Team

This is a Burgeon team and Yaoyao is a blessing to this team since Thoma’s shield isn’t protecting anyone here. Since Thoma will be running a full EM build, it’s up to another unit to provide survivability. Here too, Kokomi took her spot as one of the best Hydro units in the game for providing her vast Hydro application and healing. Yaoyao can replace her and open Kokomi up for other teams. 

Nahida, Yaoyao, Thoma and Ayato/Childe is the ideal team comp for Yaoyao to maximise her potential as a healer while also maximising the damage of her team by not only relying on Burgeon but also the personal Hydro DMG of units like Ayato or Childe.

Double Dendro Quicken Teams

These teams can dish out both Aggravate and Spread DMG. By putting Deepwood Memories on Yaoyao with a full HP set, you’ve got yourself not only a healer but also a Dendro support. This opens up the Gilded Dreams set for Nahida who you can now use as an on-field Dendro driver. Meanwhile, units like Yae Miko and Fischl can provide enormous Aggravate reactions since they don’t need to be on-field to deal damage.

As you guessed, the ideal team comp here is Nahida, Yaoyao, Yae Miko and Fischl. Now that you have Yaoyao, you don’t have to rely on units like Zhongli for his shield or the healing from a Hydro character like Barbara or Kokomi.

You can get Yaoyao for free from the Lantern Rite event in Version 3.4. After you’ve met all the pre-requisite conditions, you can invite 1 Liyue character to your roster for free and since Yaoyao is so good, we think most players will go for her. 

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