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Top 10 Specialists in Battlefield 2042

Top 10 Specialists in Battlefield 2042

A Specialist is someone who attacks the objective first and makes a clear for the teammates to reach the objective. Battlefield 2042 features several Specialists with various abilities in Battlefield 2042. Each of them has their different type of unique strengths. As a result, your gameplay experience massively differs by your Specialist. In this article, we’ll list down the top ten Specialists in Battlefield 2042.

10 Best Specialists in Battlefield 2042

These Specialists are the vital parts of your gameplay. Unfortunately, though all of them have their unique qualities, they don’t have the same effectiveness. Therefore, players need to consider their weapons and tactical advantages before selecting them. Below, we’ll suggest you the top 10 Specialists in Battlefield 2042.

Webster Mackey

Webster Mackey is undoubtedly the best Specialist. He is an Assault Specialist who is suitable for rapid attacks. In addition, his Grappling Hook gives him the ability to navigate faster. His mobility and speed are the two primary advantages of his character.

Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky

Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky is the one who is more suitable for defense.  The turret he uses is more effective and efficient in a close-range fight. Therefore, it is better to let serve in the front line.

Maria Flack

Maria is more important as a healing companion. Her S21 Syrette Pistol can heal her teammates from a considerable distance. If the revived character is in her close proximity, they will get back in full health. Maria is an excellent choice for this healing ability.

Emma “Sundance” Rosier

The Wingsuit is one of her best advantages. As an Assault Specialist, Emma has various explosives. The Scattered Grenades are handy when thrown from a higher place. Therefore the Wingsuit is very useful, and “Sundance” is a good choice.

Kimble ‘Irish’ Graves

He is a defensive character who supports the whole team, but he is not a good choice if you play attacking strategies. He supports the team by providing them with armors throughout the gameplay.

Wikus “Casper” Van Daele

“Casper” can show the players the battlefield in a much better way through his OV-P Recon Drone. The Movement Sensor can zone in on targets from a surprising distance, but he is ineffective in Close-range combat.

Santigo “Dozer” Espinoza

“Dozer” is also an Assault Specialist with SOB-8 Ballistic Shield and Blast-Resistance. This deadly combination allows “Dozer” to take heavy damage on the field, though he heals a bit faster than others. Santigo attracts fire towards him because he is a large, lethal Target. It is the most significant disadvantage of Santigo.

Ji-Soo Paik

Ji-Soo Paik is more concerned about self- survival. Paik has the EMG- X Scanner and threat perception, and this combination allow her to recognize both covered and uncovered enemies instantly.

Constantin “Angel” Anghel

“Angel” is a Support player who heals the teammates and boosts the armors. He also carries the Loadout Crate specialty, so he drops armor, ammo, and other useful items when needed.

Navin Rao

Navin Rao has a Cyber Warfare Suite to hack the nearby enemy vehicles and other environmental hazards. It is a significant advantage, but his Recon abilities leave him out in the open and become the victim of severe damage.

These are the top 10 Specialists in Battlefield 2042. If you are playing the game and still confused about whom to select, check out our guide to get information.

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