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The Steam Deck is Launching in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea

Valve’s Steam Deck is arriving in more countries this quarter. The new list of countries includes Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Until today, the Steam Deck was being sold only in North American countries, and a bunch of European countries including the United Kingdom.

The company has been facing supply shortages for a long time ever since the gaming console launched. However, the American video games company has announced that is facing the first major increase in availability.

Valve has promised to push forward a lot of pre-orders and clear them by Quarter 3 of this year. The company will be clearing all the pre-orders for the year by this quarter.

How to Buy the Steam Deck in the Newly Added Countries?

Valve will be partnering with a company to distribute the game console in the new list of countries. The distribution company is called Komodo, and they have opened reservations on their website.

Reserve the Valve Steam Deck:

The company will be selling new iterations of the Steam Deck in these newly added countries. Valve has added a bunch of updates to their portable gaming device. The updates include a brand new lock screen, fixes to the adaptive brightness settings of the device, per-game performance profiles, more verified games, and frame rate locks for more optimal performance in the games.

The Steam Deck has been troubled with supply shortages since before its launch. The device was supposed to hit the market in late 2021. However, the chip shortage delayed the device to February 2022, when it was launched in some North American and European countries.

However, supply issues have improved over the second quarter of this year. Thus, the gaming device is being launched in more countries. Hopefully, more gamers in even more countries will get their hands on the portable console soon.

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