The Last of US TV Show Release Date Revealed

The Last of US TV Show Release Date Revealed

According to a lot of Twitter users and verified by VGC, the entry of the Last of US show on the HBO Max app lists the release date as 15 January 2023. A senior source who has knowledge of the show’s release plans reported to VGC that this date is legitimate and had been posted early in error.

It is also claimed to VGC that an official rival is scheduled for the show later in the week. Presently it needs to be clarified whether the show will debut in other territories where HBO Max is not available.

The series will stream on HBO Max in the US and Sky in the UK. It will cover the events of the first game and potentially some content based on The Last of Us Part 2. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal will portray the lead characters of the show. They will be named Ellie and Joel.

The Last of US TV Show Release Date Revealed

Pedro Pascal is known for his work in the Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian. He intentionally created distance between his version of the character and Troy Baker’s in-game portrayal. He will only watch his nephew play the game. In an interview, he recalled and said he watched for as long as he was able to do that, and then he left Florida.

He also added that he found Joel so impressive. He found the whole of it such a visually amazing experience. Then he got worried that he would want to imitate too much, and that could be right in some circumstances.

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