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The Division 2: How to Get the Ballistic Helmet in Outguard Event

The Division 2 Outguard Event - How to Get the Ballistic Helmet

Games from Fall Guys, Black Ops Cold War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The Division 2, and numerous others have launched special evets for the upcoming holidays. As for the Division 2, the special event is called Outguard starting from 22nd Dec and the event concluding on 11th Jan. The event offers a wide range of cosmetics that players can unlock including the Ballistic Helmet. Stick with us through this guide and we will show you how to get or unlock the Ballistic Helmet in The Division 2 Outguard event.

The Division 2: How to Get the Ballistic Helmet in Outguard Event

Getting the Ballistic Helmet in Outguard Event in The Division 2 requires you to acquire all the newly available cosmetic gear in the event. Once, you have all the cosmetics, you can get the Ballistic Helmet. For players who have competed the campaign, you can obtain a total of 24 new skins available such as Mongoose, Hawk, Grizzly, etc.

To unlock the apparels, you need the Outguard Event Keys that can be gained by either purchasing premium credits or gaining SHD levels. Once you have the keys, you can open the Event Caches to access the cosmetics. Another way to get the cosmetics is as a gift from a friend.

The first Outguard Event key is provided to all players for free. You can get it by simply logging into Division 2 when the Outguard event is ongoing. Those who have the Season 4 pass, get 3 keys for logging in instead of one.

The Ballistic Helmet is the crown jewel of the event and can be only unlocked after you have collected all the items on offer. It’s the final reward for completing the event. From the date of writing this post, you have close to three weeks to get your hands on the highly-sought helmet.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know everything about how to unlock the Ballistic Helmet in Outguard event in The Division 2.

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