The Ascent Weapon Skins Disappearing Bug – All You Need to Know

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

The Accent was a nice surprise for Steam users after several disappointing titles. However, like all games launched in recent times, the game is not free from bugs. One such bug is affecting the weapon skins. When you choose to sell some weapons you don’t want to the vendor, everything on you disappears, except the weapon skin that’s currently equipped. The issue is affecting all devices and platforms. For some users, it’s not just the weapon skins that are affected, but also the shirts. Here is all you need to know about The Ascent Weapon Skins Disappearing Bug.

Weapons and Shirt Skins Missing in The Ascent – Is it a Bug

We can confirm that the shirts and weapons skins disappearing is a bug, but the issue has not been acknowledged by the developers at the time of writing. It is a crucial bug in the game as it makes the farming of weapons useless. Some users have been reporting that the weapon skins appear sometimes and disappear the next time they check. That’s good news because the data about your skins is still intact and it could simply be a visual bug. A fix from the developers should be able to restore your skins.

The Ascent Weapon Skins Disappearing Bug

However, at the time of writing this post there is no known fix or cause and effect scenario that can help the users. Hopefully, there would be a patch soon that addresses the issue. Here is a Google Doc forum that you can use to report bug/issue to the developer.

At this time the best option available to you is to select the best skin you like and equip it. As the bug does not affect the equipped skin, you can safely play the game with the best skin you have and wait for the devs to release a patch.

That’s all we have in this guide. If there is an update from the developers relating to the bug, you will find more information here. Meanwhile, if you have a workaround for The Ascent Weapon Skins Disappearing Bug, you can share that in the comments below.

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