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Terraria 1.4 – How to Get Health Potions

Terraria 1.4 - How to Get Health Potions

The new and the last Terraria 1.4 update is out recently. In this game, Health Potions play an extremely important role. Healing Potions are actually healing items that restore 100 health when it is used during the battle with bosses. Usually, you will find this item in Pots after Hardmode activation and Underworld before Hardmode. Also, you will get it as drops from the Wall of Flesh. Here is a complete guide on how to get Health Potions in Terraria 1.4.

How to Get Health Potions in Terraria 1.4

In order to get Health Potions in Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End, one of the options to get it is that, you will need to destroy objects and opening chests in the world. Potions can be stacked so you will need to pick a bunch of Potions. However, crafting Potions can also be a fun way to get it. But for that, you will need some ingredients.

You already have a home along with a furnace in it. First, you will need to craft some glass using sand blocks that you will get from the desert biome. You will only need two glass tiles in order to craft one glass bottle.

Next, you will have 4 different types of Potions to craft: Lesser, Regular, Greater, and Super Healing Potions. To craft these Potions, you will need different materials. Here is the Terraria Potions Crafting List:

1. Lesser Healing Potion

– 1 Mushroom

– 2 Gel

– 2 Glass Bottles

2. Healing Potion

– 2 Lesser Healing Potions

– 1 Glowing Mushroom

3. Greater Healing Potion

– 3 Pixie Dust

– 1 Crystal Shard

– 3 Bottled Waters

4. Super Healing Potion

– 4 Greater Healing Potions

– Solar Fragment

– Nebula Fragment

– 1 Vortex Fragment

– 1 Stardust Fragment

All of these materials you will find in the world while you progress in the game. Make sure to carry some Healing Potions with you every time fighting with boss deep underground.

That’s it for this guide on How to Make Healing Potions in Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End.

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