Taylordle Word Today June 29 Answer

Taylordle Word Today Feb 9 and Feb 10 Answer

Taylordle is an exact copy of Wordle. Since the release of Wordle, a lot of copies has been made. Taylordle is a word puzzle, that mainly focuses on Taylor Swift, her works, and things related to her. It is also a free word game that gives six chances to guess a random five-lettered word within 24 hours.

If you are curious to know the words of Taylordle on June 29, this guide will help you.

Solution to Taylordle 29 June 2022- Correct Answer

Just like Wordle, Taylordle also gives 6 chances to guess a five-lettered word and gives you clues by changing the colors of the letters. The Green letters signify that these letters are in the actual word and rightly placed. Yellow letters indicate that these letters are in the actual word but placed wrong, and finally, grey letters indicate that these letters are not in the actual word.

The Correct word for 29 June 2022 Taylordle is SWIFT.

That’s all you need to know about Taylordle solutions of 29 June 2022. Also, it is a free game that you can play by visiting the website Taylordle.com

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