Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – Level Up Artes

Tales of Arise - Level Up Artes

Artes are special and exclusive moves that spend a part of the AG (Artes Gauge). The AG fills up automatically, however, it fills quickly when you are not attacking. Artes can be used together to create different types of combos as long as the AG bat is not reduced. Each character has some Artes ability that they’re specialized in. The character’s ability to learn a new Arte increases with each proficiency level. Let’s find out how to Level Up Artes in Tales of Arise.

How to Level Up Artes in Tales of Arise

There are several ways to Level Up Artes in Tales of Arise, let’s check them out:

1. Set “Don’t Do Anything” Party Strategy

When you change the party strategy to ‘Don’t Do Anything’, it allows you to combat opponents alone. In this, other characters will stand simply during the fight. When you fight along with your allies, can take a lot of time to level up your Artes. Instead, set your party strategy to ‘Don’t Do Anything’, and then you can fight alone. This way, you can quickly level up your Artes.

2. Do not use Boost Strikes or Boost Attacks

When you use Boost Strikes of Boost Attacks during the battle, it will reduce the engagements with your enemies. When you find the best opportunity, do not use any and damage by using your Artes only.

3. Attack on Your Enemies by Using High HP

Since your main objective is to level up your Artes, you need to target those enemies only that have high HP and make sure to use your Artes repetitively in one fight.

4. Target on the Resistances of Enemy

Foes have several different kinds of resistances and elemental weaknesses. By using the Artes which have a similar element as the foe’s resistance, you can extend the fight and obtain more and more Artes. The same method can be used in physical Artes when you need to defeat Armored enemies.

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