Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Watch Skits

Tales of Arise How to watch Skits

In Tales of Arise, Skits are short story cutscenes with playable characters. They can be accessed by playing through the main story. Skits give insights into relationships between characters in the party. You can also initiate it manually while exploring the world. It is worth watching as it features an exclusive 3D animated cutscene for a lively experience. Let’s learn below how to watch Skits in Tales of Arise.

How to watch Skits in Tales of Arise

There are multiple ways to watch Skits in Tales of Arise:

1. Check out the Skit Indicator

When you are in the field, you can trigger Skits manually. When you explore the world, you will see a small indication display on the bottom right side of your screen. Once you that sign, you simply need to press that button in order to activate Skit.

2. Explore the World

There are several spots throughout the game where you can activate Skit. Some Skits are available in some locations while others can be activated only when you advance some story parts.

To find out as many skits as possible in Tales of Arise, you’ll need to explore the world fully until all the available Skits are watched.

3. Advance the Story

Another option is to advance the story and you will be able to watch Skits. When you explore the world, there will be several areas which you won’t be able to enter into as they need to unlock to progress the story. So, advance the story, unlock these areas, and find some more new Skits.

That’s how you can Watch Skits in Tales of Arise.

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