Tales of Arise

Tales Of Arise – How to Use Items

Tales Of Arise – How to Use Items

Tales Of Arise is a new action RPG that is going to release on September 10, 2021. There are several items for the players to craft, buy, sell, and use throughout the game. Since, many new players of this game series have no idea how to use items in Tales of Arise, in the following guide, we present you all the details.

How to Use Items in Tales of Arise

As we have mentioned, there are different types of items you will need to deal with in Tales of Arise, here we have classified each of them.

1. Consumable items

Consumable items are very important to survive against some tough bosses and enemies you will encounter throughout the game. These items will be helpful to refill your Cure Points (CP) and Health.

To use consumable items, go to the Consumable section of the Items menu and then hover the mouse over the Consumable section or hit R1. Here you can select which items you want to use. From this same screen, you can also discard the items.

2. Materials and Ingredients

Materials are sellable items that you need to stock up so that you can sell them to get some better items. Ingredients are generally used for cooking and all types of ingredients are spread throughout Dahna. 

To access these, go to the Items section and access materials or ingredients.

3. Recipes

When you set up a camp, recipes are one of the essential items for cooking. When you cook the good and healthy mean, it will lead to some of the best bonuses.

Once you are in the cooking menu, select the recipe according to your choice and also pick up the characters who would cook it.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Use Items in Tales of Arise.

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