Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Use Boost Attacks

Tales of Arise - How to Use Boost Attacks

The Boost Attacks are a mechanic where you can use your teammate’s attacks. These Boost Attacks are special attacks by characters. It is special support that you can use anytime against a targeted enemy as long as certain conditions are met. Once you call in, the selected character jumps in the battle for some special attacks to give decent amounts of damages against a foe. Let’s learn here how to use Boost Attacks.

How to Use Boost Attacks in Tales of Arise

Each playable character has a unique Boost Attack in them that offers different effects on enemies. In order to use Boost Attacks, first, make sure to check the Boost Gauge of the character. Boost Gauge shows the readiness of the character. The status of the character’s Boost Gauge you can see on their profile image at the left bottom corner of your screen. This gauge fills gradually over time through battle.

When a character is ready to execute Boost Attack, an icon of that character will start flashing with a golden color. Then press the action button in order to initiate their Boost Attacks.

You will need to press the ‘Switch’ button while activating the Boost Attack of a particular character who is in the ‘Support Member’ group of your team.

Here is the detail of the Boost Attack effects of the characters:

1. Alphen: He initiates intense swing attacks that can defeat almost any enemy. He has a wide range of strengths.

2. Rinwell: She uses Astral Artes that lets her to attack foes from long range that deal huge damage. 

3. Kisara: This character is a close-range fighter and she can perform a wide range of attacks. Also, she can guard enemy attacks well instead of escaping. 

4. Dohalim: He uses his rod weapon with the combination of astral artes and expert in spinning attacks from different angles. 

5. Shionne: She is very good in astral artes and gun-based long-range strikes. Also, she does well when you need to hit enemies from the distance. She uses healing artes with low HP. 

6. Law: This character specializes in fighting close with his feet and fists to create multiple attacks. He attacks with his powerful blows.

That’s all you need to know about how to use Boost Attacks in Tales of Arise.

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