Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Use Artes

Tales of Arise - How to Use Artes

Artes is one of the special skills utilized during the battle of Tales of Arise. This skill allows every character to execute special attacks, review or heal other characters, also give party-wide or individual buffs. Every character has some Artes talent that they are specialized in. Below is the guide on how to use Artes in Tales of Arise.

How to use Artes in Tales of Arise

There are two different forms of Artes in Tales of Arise that can be obtained and used – Arcane Artes and Martial Artes. Both of these Artes offer different power levels and AG (Artes Gauge) cost when utilized. 

Arcane Artes

Arcane Artes are also called Sacred Skills and Hidden Artes in the Tales series. These Artes are more AG-intensive and more powerful than Martial Artes. 

Martial Artes

Martial Artes is a physical weapon and so it requires a very small amount of AG. These Artes are pretty useful when you want to give series of rapid attacks against a foe.

Each armed Artes is designated to some particular keys that you can find on the bottom right of your screen. These Artes can be changed depending on whether you’re in the air or on the ground. Also, that is depended on which Artes you’ve equipped.

Simply press Cross, Square, or Triangle in order to use the Arte allotted to each button. Also, you can custom your Artes panel from the Artes Menu.

That’s all for this guide on How to Use Artes in Tales of Arise.

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