Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Use and Restore CP

Tales Of Arise – How to Use and Restore CP

In Tales of Arise, CP (Cure Points) are points that are used for all Artes that revive, heal, or offer several other effects for the party. The amount of CP you have represents how many more times you can utilize these types of Artes in and out of battle. Each Support Artes you use will deduct from your overall CP amount. Now, let’s learn how to use and restore CP (Cure Points) in Tales of Arise.

How to Use CP in Tales of Arise

In Tales of Arise, CP can be used to heal individuals or all the members of the party by casting Support Artes like Dohalim or Shionne use. In case the Support Arte is assigned already to an action button, then you need to press the action button in the fight while controlling that character. And later, the Arte will be cast by consuming the prescribed amount of CP.  

You may spend CP outside of the battle to heal your members by using the Recovery option in the Menu. And during outside of the boss fight, your knocked-out team can use CP to restore.

How to Restore CP in Tales of Arise

CP Recovery items like Orange Gel will help you to restore your existing CP at a certain level. In order to Restore CP in Tales of Arise, you will need to rest at Camps or Inns and that will refill completely both CP as well as Health to the maximum value. Resting in a Camp can recover your CP and HP of your characters freely and that is highly recommended before jumping into the boss fight. (However, currently, there is no update if resting at Inns is free or not).

That’s all for this guide on how to Use and Restore CP in Tales of Arise.

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