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Tales of Arise: How to Use and Customize Strategy

Tales of Arise How to use and customize strategy

In Tales of Arise, Strategies are one of the best ways to customize the playstyle of your team according to your liking/preference. In the demo version, 9 different preset strategies can be used when fighting different enemies. Let’s learn here how to use and customize strategy in Tales of Arise.

How to use and customize strategy in Tales of Arise

To know how to customize your strategy in Tales of Arise according to your preference or current opponent, the following are some of the simple steps to follow:

1. Select a particular slot for the custom strategy. First of all, select the slot you want to customize strategy and then select Change tactics details.

2. Set up actions. When you change the details of your strategies, the actions will be set accordingly. So, certain actions can be edited. For this, you need to press the button ‘edit action’. Each of the actions needs 2 conditions that require to be first met before the character can execute that action. 

3. Delete or Add an Action. It allows you to add and delete any of the actions according to your liking.

4. Rename the custom strategy. In Tales of Arise, there is an option in which you can change the strategy. However, in the demo version, its default name is ‘Custom Strategy’. So, we have no idea if the player can change it in a real game.

5. Save the changes. At last, make sure to save all the changes you made. For this, press the ‘Save and close’ button simply.

To select a different strategy, you need to open up the strategy menu and then select which strategy you would like to change. This way, you will see all the preset strategies which are available in the demo version. And then, select whichever you want to utilize.

That’s how you can use and customize strategy in Tales of Arise.

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