Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Revive Party Members

Tales of Arise - How to Revive Party Members

Fighting and dropping health is one of the parts of Tales of Arise action RPG game. In this game, there are a total of 6 party members that has a distinctly different battle style and things they are specialized in. All of these party members help you to win against enemies and bosses and so, it is obvious that they take damage in the fight and lose their health. Fortunately, you can restore the health of your party members in this game. If you have no idea how to revive them, then no one will be with you to help on the battleground. So, let’s learn below how to revive party members in Tales of Arise.

How to Revive Party Members in Tales of Arise

There are different 4 ways you can revive your party members in Tales of Arise.

1. By using Revival Items

There are certain Revival Items in this game like Life Bottles (800 HP) which can be utilized to restore the health of your knocked-out party members. In case a member exhausts HP in the fight, you need to open up the Items menu and choose an item to restore the health of your party member. 

2. By using Recovery Artes

This is another easy method to revive knocked-out party members. To opt for this option, you will need to set a button order for an Arte alongside revival effects, then activate that button while you’re in the battle to initiate the revival. However, this way easily exposes that reviving member to foe attacks. So, make sure that the restoring character a good amount of health to generate the Arte.

3. Revive with Full HP

‘The Omega Elixir’ is one of the essential items that can be used to heal and restore party members. You can get it by defeating enemies. You can also find this item in the world. It will revive the HP of your party member and also it will heal other status ailments if they have any.

4. Revive Party Members after Battle

All knocked-out party members will start reviving automatically by using HP Bars. In case, you do not have a sufficient amount of goods and healing items to restore CP, then it is recommended to take some rest in a Camp Fire so that the HP can be refilled fully before you move forward.

That’s how you can revive party members in Tales of Arise.

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