Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Restore Artes Gauge (AG)

Tales of Arise - How to Restore AG (Artes Gauge)

Tales of Aris is the latest RPG gameplay system developed by Bandai Namco. This game features an Artes Gauge (AG). It is one of the precious resources that allow your characters to perform Artes during a fight. The best part of AG is that it can be restored and spent to release some more powerful moves than normal attacks. Also, the powerful Mystic Artes use this same gauge in a greater amount. The different types of Artes can be set on mid-air and ground. Let’s understand how to restore AG (Artes Gauge) in Tales of Arise.

How to restore Artes Gauge in Tales of Arise

Every Arte which your character executes consumes AG. And how much AG will be consumed will be depended on the Arte your character has recently used. There are two ways to Restore AG (Artes Gauge) in Tales of Arise.

1. Stop attacking and wait for some times

One of the easiest methods to recover AG is to stop attacking & wait for some time. This way, the AG of your character will be restored gradually. And in the same way, when you start again attacking by using your characters’ Artes, the recovery of your AG will be stopped. One important thing to note here is that your basic attacks do not restore nor reduce AG.

2. Use Boost Strikes

The second option to restore AG (Artes Gauge) in Tales of Arise is by utilizing Boost Strikes. This system is very crucial if you plan to perform combo attacks as it will recover AG instantly.

That’s how to restore AG (Artes Gauge) in Tales of Arise.

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