Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise – How to Lock On and Change Targets

Tales of Arise - How to Lock On and Change Targets

Tales of Arise is one of the massive games by Bandai Namco which is going to release in a few hours. And so, fans want to know everything about the gameplay. If you are new to this series, you should know about the Lock-On and Change Target system. Since you will have to face lots of enemies at a time, Tales of Arise features Lock On and Change Targets system. By using this option, you can focus or prioritize a particular target.

How to Lock On Targets in Tales of Arise

There are two ways you can Lock-On Targets in Tales of Arise. Here are the details.

Automatic Lock-On

When you start any battle in Tales of Arise, and when you move any of your characters, a target Locks On automatically. This option allows you to focus only on your controlled character’s attacks on an enemy. That includes all sorts of attacks from the controlled character like Boost Attacks, Artes, and Regular Attacks.

How to Change Targets in Tales of Arise

Also, it is possible to change Targets during battle. For this, you need to tap on the ‘Target’ button control (For PS4/PS5 consoles). When you tap on this button, the target will be shifted from the current Locked On enemy to the closest enemy to your character.

Another simple and easy way to do this is to attack an enemy successfully which is not being targeted. The Lock On will be shifted automatically towards that particular enemy if you will hit it successfully.

How to Selectively Target in Tales of Arise

You can also choose selectively which enemy to target in Tales of Arise. To do this, you need to hold down the ‘Target’ button on the console and move the Run/Walk key or thumbstick into that direction where you want to set the target (For PS4/PS5 consoles). This way, you can also scan and know the details of the enemy such as their Type and Element. So, that you can get an idea of how to defeat them efficiently.

That’s all you will want to know about how to Lock On Targets in Tales of Arise.

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