Tales of Arise

Tales Of Arise – How to Fight Mesmald

Tales Of Arise – How to Fight Mesmald

As a part of the game, you have to fight with several bosses in Tales of Arise. Mesmald is one of the secret Gigant bosses in Tales of Arise which you will encounter at Elde Menancia’s Tietal Plain. As soon as you beat Mantis, you will need to defeat this powerful enemy. Since it is quite tough to kill this boss, you need to know how to set an effective strategy. In the following, we present you with a complete guide on how to fight Mesmald in Tales of Arise.

How to fight Mesmald in Tales of Arise

To get Mesmald to appear, first, you’ll need to beat Mantis in just 5 minutes. Because Mesmald boss will be spawned only after you defeat under this time limit. Once he appears, you can start fighting with him. Here we are going to reveal a proper strategy to beat Mesmald.

However, before jumping into the battlefield with Mesmald, go through the following some important points and act accordingly.

Set the Strategy to Focus on Healing

Before starting a fight with the Mesmald boss, make sure to set the party strategy to ‘Focus on Healing’. However, those members who are under AI-controlled will still deal some damages but they will shift their focus on healing artes or having HP items to regain HP.

Carry CP Recovery Items and HP

Get the proper stock of CP recover items and HP. These items you can buy from shopkeepers or obtain as drop items from normal Zeugles. Also, make sure to include Life Bottles in the supply and keep CP continued to cast buff and healing artes.

Cast Buffs

If available, make sure to commence battle by casting buffs to your party members. These Buffs can be in the form of elemental and physical attack and those can be only accessed by Law and Rinwell.

Once you are prepared with these things, now we can focus on the battle.

Target Weakpoints

Focus on its weak points to break the core of the boss. We suggest do not engage the boss’s head as you’ll be vulnerable to attacks. Rather, focus your offense on its tail tip. The boss will start waving its tail in a different direction so attack its tail accordingly.

Mesmald doesn’t have elemental weaknesses so bet on picking any damaging artes. Ensure, you have a varied artes set that can offer damage from the air as well as from the ground.

Activate Boost Attacks

Supplement your artes and normal with Boost Attacks. Rinwell, Shionne, Law, and Alphen’s boost attacks are very powerful against the Mesmald boss.

That’s it – With this strategy, you will be able to defeat Mesmald successfully.

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