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Surprising Synergy of Zhongli and Albedo with Electro DPS Units in Genshin Impact

How Viable is Zhongli in Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact

Zhongli recently had his rerun in Version 3.0 and with the upcoming Version 3.1 we’re getting a rerun of Albedo. While it might seem strange to be conducting reruns of Geo characters in Sumeru when Geo doesn’t react with Dendro, it actually makes sense if seen through the perspective of Electro DPS units. Dendro indirectly buffed Electro as an element in general and this buff was significantly noticeable for the Electro DPS units.

How Zhongli and Albedo Duo Increase Electro DPS

With the release of Cyno in Version 3.1, we’re getting our first Electro DPS from the Sumeru region and he’s expected to synergize smoothly with Dendro teammates in Quicken or Aggravate comps. One of the most optimal ways to use such comps in the game is to be on-field for long periods and cause as many reactions as possible. Cyno’s playstyle is similar to Itto or Xiao in that he’s selfish about his field time and demands to be on-field for long periods. This also alienates him from a majority of Genshin Impact’s support units. 

Two supports that do, however synergise well with his kit are Zhongli and Albedo. And this duo is not only great for Cyno but all other Electro DPS characters as well- including Razor and Raiden who aren’t pure Electro DPS units by a long shot. 

The reason for Zhongli on this team is because of his tanky, nigh-unbreakable shield which not only shreds all elemental resistances off enemies but also provides resistance against interruption or stagger. Additionally, he doesn’t consume much field time to cast his skills and abilities which is a plus for units like Cyno. 

Albedo on the other hand not only buffs his teammates with bonus EM but also provides coordinated damage to opponents with his E skill within a certain area. His damage conveniently scales off of DEF and with the recent F2P event weapon Cinnabar, he hits like a truck. Albedo too consumes minimal field-time to cast his abilities and with the bonus EM, your next characters in your rotation who are either going to be Dendro or Electro naturally get buffed.

Finally, the Geo resonance also strengthens Zhongli’s shield thereby increasing the survivability of the team. As of now, this is looking like one of the best teams for Cyno though we can expect things to change with Nahida’s release in Version 3.2

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