Sunnyside Games Teases Brand New Game with Dear Villagers

 Sunnyside Games Teases Brand New Game with Dear Villagers

Sunnyside Games is a game development studio located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded in 2013, they have been creating 2D concept-driven games such as Towaga: Among Shadows and The Firm. They have recently teased a brand new game, which is releasing soon.

Sunnyside Games Announces New Game Trailer Release Date

In a recent tweet, SunnySide Games announced that they would be releasing a new game soon, published by Dear Villagers, a studio in France. They have been publishing games since 2015, including Foretales, Souldiers and Recompile.

The first trailer for the new game will be released on 19th January at 5 PM ESP. It is much awaited by fans as a game from an indie developer.

Their website has a new addition to their list of games, which shows the following image and message.

Sunnyside Games’ first game, Towaga: Among Shadows is an arcade game which has an 8/10 rating on Steam, while The Firm is their latest release. A fast-paced arcade game about a trader in a big corporation, The Firm is available only on iOS.

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