Subnautica Below Zero – Where to Find Habitat Builder

The Habitat Builder is one of the important and useful tools in Subnautica Below Zero. There are several uses of this tool. Here is the complete detail of how it is very useful in the game.

– It helps to build a variety of stationery items.

– This is an important tool for the deployment of Seabases.

– You can also customize the interiors of Seabases.

– You can construct and customize your own terrestrial and aquatic bases.

– Using this tool, you can deconstruct structures you have kept.

Thus, it is very important to find Habitat Builder in Subnautica Below Zero.

Where to Find Habitat Builder in Subnautica Below Zero

In Subnautica Below Zero, you need to find and scan a Habitat Builder fragment as early as possible or it will be unlocked.

So, here are the details of the 4 locations from where you can find out Habitat Builder.

1. Delta Station 

There is one of the Habitat Builder fragments which you will find on Delta Island. You will find it sitting outside the base among several cargo boxes.

– Coordinates: -250, 42, -780

Also, it is important to explore the base fully as there are many other items you can scan so you can unlock more and more blueprints. 

2. Koppa Mining Site

Koppa Mining site is another location that you will find among the crates near the Pawn Suit docking area.

– Coordinates: -400, -150, -820

Like Delta Station, there are several items that you can scan to unlock more blueprints especially Prawn Suits and its related mods.

3. Twisty Bridges

If you want to find Habitat Builder easily and quickly, visit Twisty Bridges biome. It is located around 250 meters southwest of the life pod. You will find it inside the I-compartment which is guarded by Brute Sharks.

– Coordinates: -245, -120, -250

While you are here, check out Table Coral which will be helpful to craft the Computer Chips. It is also a very important tool to make the Habitat Builder.

4. Outpost Zero

The last and final location is Outpost Zero. It is located outside one of the base entrances on the top of the cargo crate.

– Coordinates: -80, 9, 301

Make sure to explore this location thoroughly as you will also find other scannable objects like modules and furniture. This room particularly contains a Water Filtration Machine that is one of the best ways to get water in Subnautica Below Zero.

Fortunately, you will be required to scan a single fragment to unlock the Habitat Builder blueprint. Then after you can craft it at the Fabricator using an Advanced Wiring Kit, Computer Chip, and Battery. 

That’s it for the guide on Where to Find Habitat Builder in Subnautica Below Zero.

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