Subnautica: Below Zero Architect Artifact Q59 location

In the game of Subnautica: Below Zero, there are several secrets players need to find out which are hidden in the sea. Architect Artifact Q59 is also one of the important secrets that unlock blueprints for new equipment. Also, it offers unique rewards for dedicated adventures. There are 15 different Artifacts and Special Rewards. The more Artifacts are scanned, the more Blueprints you can unlock. So, let’s quickly find the exact location of Architect Artifact Q59 in Subnautica.

Location of Architect Artifact Q59 in Subnautica: Below Zero

Following are the steps to reach to Subnautica Below Zero Architect Artifact Q59 Location:

1. To reach the exact location of Architect Artifact, first of all, you need to head to Delta Island at the coordinates -129/4/-577. In particular, The Alien Statue is situated in an underground mining site that needs some complex navigation through Lava Geysers. To be able to dive at 300 meters deep in the sea, make sure to get the Depth Module Mark 1 Seatruck.

2. Once you obtain it, go down the ravine towards the first lava geyser from the dock.

3. Here, turn around till you find the next pathway and go into it.

4. At the fork in the road, take the left side path and head northeast side towards the second geyser.

5. Now, go straight into the geyser till you find another passageway towards the southeast and keep going on that way.

6. Head straight towards the first available geyser and then again go to the Southeast. There you will find a room that has many geysers. From this point, go down the North side towards the Oxygen plant and then turn left.

7. From here, go to the Southside and turn left from the geyser which you will find at the end of the tunnel. Here you will find a room that has a ton of stalagmites. You can access this mining ground from the bottom left of the tunnel.

8. Now, get into the other large room and go to the West towards the rails. You will get to see a point where the rails go to the left. But, you need to go to the right towards the cave entrance.

9. There, you will see a small-sized path that blocks the other paths towards the Artifact. So, now you will leave your vehicle and start swimming alone. Keep swimming and you will see a large statue in the middle of the room which is bounded by lights.

10. Here, when you reach this point, you will be at -252/300/-611. Once you reach here, just scan the statue for a few seconds and that’s it – congratulations! Your mission is complete successfully!

That’s everything you need to know about the Subnautica Below Zero Architect Artifact Q59 location.

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