Splitgate Battle Pass not Redeeming Rewards/Cursor Not Working – Issue Acknowledged

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Finally, Splitgate is back after a long time and they have recently launched open-beta ‘Season 0’ including a new mode, new map, premium, and free challenges for those fans who have bought a battle pass.

Many players are reporting on various forums that their Battle Pass is not redeeming rewards, the cursor is disappearing while playing the game, cross-play voice chat is not working properly and many other issues.

It seems the Battle Pass brings a lot of issues. Some players have experienced that they’re not getting the BP drop even after playing a complete round and then re-joined it.

While many other Xbox players are reporting that the cursor is not working properly when they play the game by using a mouse and keyboard. They experienced that the cursor goes missing when they get into the game menu.

Other issues have also been reported for the Voice Chat feature. Players said that they are not able to talk with their friends as the audio cuts off in between the game.

All of such issues are ruining the real fun of the game. However, they have already acknowledged the following issues 

– Battle Pass is not redeeming rewards

– Cursor is disappearing on Console

– Cross-play Voice Chat not working

– And many other issues

They have also mentioned that they will reveal the ETA soon.

Hopefully, all these issues will be resolved by the devs soon and they will be able to enjoy the game again very soon. So, players cannot do anything to fix these issues except waiting for the next update from the devs.

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