Speculated Rerun Banners in Version 3.5 of Genshin Impact

 Speculated Rerun Banners in Version 3.5 of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 is running high with the Lantern Rite and the next patch in line is Version 3.5. Dehya and Mika have already been announced for release in Version 3.5. But what about the reruns? There are a couple of hot takes about which characters are next getting their rerun and we’re here to run down that gauntlet.

Version 3.5 Speculated Reruns

While Dehya is already confirmed for release, one leak states that the reruns in Version 3.5 are as follows:

Eula and Albedo haven’t had a rerun in a long time and were expected to have one back in Version 3.1. Since they didn’t, they’re high picks for the next rerun characters. As for Cyno, he’s expected to get his first rerun in the next patch.

Other speculated reruns are as follows:

Ayaka recently got herself a new skin but she’s the least expected character for a rerun as theorycrafters believe she would need a relevant quest to have a rerun which likely isn’t happening anytime soon. Shenhe on the other hand is the better Cryo pick as she hasn’t had a rerun in a long time.

Klee has the same chance of getting a rerun as Albedo because those two characters are often shown to be close to each other. Klee however did have her rerun in Version 2.8 so the more likely option here is Albedo.

As for their ranking in the Dendro meta, none of them rank high up on the list. Eula may be the best Physical DPS but Physical DPS as a whole is ranked low in the meta due to not having synergy in reaction teams and being generally weaker and less flexible than reaction-oriented teams. Cyno may be a great Electro DPS but he’s greedy and clunky to use and specifically needs Dendro to be good. Players would much rather use units like Yae Miko, Fischl or Keqing in his place.
Albedo is of the Geo element which only remains relevant due to Zhongli. Shenhe is essentially a 5-star support for Cryo DPS who aren’t in much demand in the Dendro meta since they don’t react with Dendro. That said, Albedo would still be a great pull for mono Geo teams and Eula may be outdated but she’s still a fantastic top-tier DPS. As for Shenhe, thankfully Cryo isn’t outdated due to Freeze and units like Ganyu and Ayaka so she can still be a useful unit. So really you can pull for whoever you want.

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