Soulstone Survivors Achievements Not Unlocking – Devs Acknowledged

Soulstone Survivors Achievements Not Unlocking - Devs Acknowledged

Soulstone Survivors is the latest action roguelike game. This game has already fascinated hundreds and thousands of players around the world. Many of the players are doing great to get several achievements. There are mainly two types of achievements in this game – They can be earned in-game and on Steam.

But unfortunately, many players are unable to lock in these achievements. According to multiple reports, some players can obtain them from the game but not on Steam. 

Here are some of the complaints raised by the players on Reddit.

Thankfully, the developers have already acknowledged this issue and admitted it is their mistake. Also, they have stated they are working on the fix right now and will release a patch very soon.

These are the words from the developers.

“We are currently working on addressing the issue preventing the sync between Steam and the game, but it is our mistake. This is our highest priority right now, and we expect to have it fixed very soon. At any rate, all the progress you have WILL carry over, so you are not wasting any progression right now”.

Update v0.9.027g: Multiple fixes for common issues

As you can see, they have not given an ETA by when the issue will get resolved but hopefully, they will fix it as early as possible.

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