Solo Mode Returns to Shadow Arena

Solo Match Retunrs to Shadown Arena

A much-requested Solo Mode has returned to the free-to-play Shadow Arena starting July 29, 2021 (Thu) 20:00 (UTC+9). There are a bunch of rewards up for grabs not just for the winners, but also players who participate in the event. The Solo Match is currently available on the Asian servers.  

The first place holders get Unknown Dye Box (x3), second place holders get Unknown Dye Box (x2), and all the event participants get Unknown Dye Box (x1). If you manage to defeat the GM, you can get the Calpheonian Dye Set, which includes Keplanian Dye x1, Calpheonian Dye x1.

Solo Match Retunrs to Shadown Arena

In order to participate in the event, log in to the game and enter the password for the custom room where the event is held. You can get the password on the official Discord channel. The room title and password will also be announced in-game once you log in.

During the event, GMs will not get any special treatment. They will be the same as any other player.

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