Sojourn Guide for Overwatch 2 – How to Play, Abilities, and More

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Overwatch 2’s latest DPS member, Sojourn, is the newly recruited Hero that everyone wants to use. In this guide we will see everything there is to know about Sojourn, including playstyle, abilities, and more.

Sojourn Guide for Overwatch 2 – How to Play, Abilities, and More

Sojourn is the newest member to join the Heroes list and is tagged as a DPS Hero. Here is everything there is to know about how to play with Sojourn, abilities, and more.

After two whole years, Blizzard has finally realized that Overwatch should have something new to revive the game. A new Hero has joined the lineup for Overwatch 2, all the way from Canada. Sojourn, aka Vivian Chase, is the newest recruit straight from the Canadian Special Forces, making her the perfect Hero for hands-on combat.

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Her new ability, the Power Slide, is Sojourn’s trump card. Power Slide helps her escape sticky situations by zipping around the field at high speeds. She can also launch herself up in the air if she jumps mid or ends slide, which is quite handy if you want to get to unreachable places. But Power Slide is quite hard to master, so players would need a few training sessions with her to know how best to use it. She can use her Power Slide and shoot at enemies in her way, giving her a quick escape when needed.

Sojourn’s secondary ability, the Disruptor Shot, is great for trapping enemies in an AOE that deals damage while slowing them down. If trapped within this energy ball, the target will take damage and will be a sitting duck for her Railgun attacks, especially if her Ultimate is used.

Her weapon of choice is her Railgun, which has two firing modes. While using the primary mode of fire on the Railgun, it will dish out multiple beams of energy in rapid succession. The alternate mode will blast a charged energy beam at the target, dealing massive damage. The plus point of the charged attack is that it has no damage falloff. Since the secondary fire is a charged attack, you can use it only after completing a couple of rounds using the primary fire mode. A charged shot does 130 damage for a body shot and 260 for a headshot.

Sojourn’s Ultimate is Overclock, which automatically charges the Railgun for a short duration and can deal piercing damage to targets. This is perfect for when you wish to end the match quickly and deal immediate damage to enemies nearby. Once an enemy is hit with this ability, there is no way out for them.

Sojourn is quite a powerful Hero to add to your team, but learning her abilities will take some time. Also, since she has no healing abilities of her own, she will need some healing support or quickly find health packs once in the game. Once you have mastered how to play with her, you will be unstoppable on the battlefield.

That’s all there is to know about Sojourn and how to use her in Overwatch 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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