Skateboard Guide in NBA 2K23: How to Grind 

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NBA 2K23 is an advanced and revolutionary game. It allows you to do many different things, including playing with your friends or messing around while in single-player mode. NBA 2K23 has never been this great before – it’s time to grab a controller if you haven’t already.

Skateboarding is a great way to get around in NBA 2K23. You can grind on rails, do tricks, and show off your skills. But how do you do it? This guide will show you how to grind and do skateboard tricks in NBA 2K23.

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How to Grind in NBA 2K23

After you have equipped your skateboard in NBA 2K23, you can grind by, 

  • Holding down the accelerator and Ollie buttons simultaneously.
  •  You will need to be close to a rail to start grinding. 
  • Once you are close enough, ollie towards the rail to begin grinding. 

For performing an ollie in NBA 2K23, use the following buttons:

  • X for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5
  • B for Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
  • A for Nintendo Switch

Our guide on how to grind in NBA 2K23 has come to an end. If you want more information about this game, be sure to check out our other guides.

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