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Should You Read the Genshin Impact Manga

Should You Read the Genshin Impact Manga

Genshin Impact recently dropped a Sumeru Promo video teasing the story of Sumeru and its Archon Nahida or Kusanali for Version Update 3.0. Players are excited to know more and everyone already knows that Genshin Impact has a manga which fleshes out the world and its characters in more depth.

Genshin Impact Manga Explained 

It’s not unexpected for a popular game to have a manga adaptation. To clarify, the story of Genshin Impact doesn’t adapt from the Genshin Impact manga. It’s quite the other way around. Genshin Impact’s manga came after the game’s release and boom in popularity. 

The manga is still canon to the story and tells of events, characters and factions much before the current timeline in the story that we are following with our chosen sibling. Technically the manga tells the story of a time before the siblings landed in Tevyat.

Should You Read It?

Depends. The Genshin Impact Manga sets up a lot of plot points for future storylines and characters. It also fleshes out characters and factions in the game in more detail. 

For example, Amber is fleshed out more in her role as the Outrider who’s just a scout for the Knights of Favonius. She’s made more lovable with her kind acts towards the citizens of Mondstadt. It also shows Kaeya in a darker, even crueller light where he’s shown to be ruthless and cold. We also get to see the dark and tragic backstory of one of the upcoming Sumeru characters called Collei.

In the manga, the Fatui are more fleshed out and shown in their true colours which render them as darker and more twisted than they already seem. We witness the character of Dottore and how he makes Childe look innocent compared to the atrocities he’s committed. Overall the tone of the Genshin Impact manga is currently much darker and more adult than the story of the game itself.

This perhaps indicates that the story of Genshin Impact in the game itself is about to get much darker with Sumeru on the horizon. While it isn’t compulsory to read the manga, it’s certainly worth the ride as it shows Tevyat in a new light to all the Travellers. That said, we understand if you don’t want to get spoiled and experience the main story as it comes throughout the updates and regions.

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