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Sega Could Be Working On a Remaster of Sonic Adventure DX

Sega Could Be Working On a Remaster of Sonic Adventure DX

Even though Sega releases new Sonic games, most fans’ hearts belong to the legendary Sonic Adventure DX. Released in 2003, this masterpiece was a childhood game for many individuals worldwide. Moreover, various adults are keen on the story of the blue hedgehog.

And today, there is breaking news. Sega might be working on the remastered version of the new Sonic Adventure DX. Continue reading this article, and you will discover whether the new Sonic Adventure DX is possible. So, let’s get started!

Source of The Rumors

If you actively follow the news, you probably know that Sega released a new Sonic Frontiers week ago. Even from the release, careful players noticed that some aspects of the new Sonic game reminded them of the classic Sonic Adventure DX. One of the most popular detail was the image of Tails that were taken directly from SADX.

Inspired by such an Easter Egg, famous modder SPEEPSHighway has got unaltered images of Sonic Frontiers tails and confirmed that they are taken directly from the legendary Sonic Adventure DX. Moreover, this enthusiast has done more profound research and found many more similarities with SADX in Sonic Frontiers. He has published the research on Twitter. Feel free to review it and continue reading the guide to form your opinion.

New Sonic Adventure DX: Possible or Not

The foremost thing you should know is that remastered games are trendy nowadays. A year ago, Rockstar released a new GTA: San Andreas Remastered, Crytek released Crysis Remastered, and various other developers brought their most popular game to life. Therefore, most people consider Sega is doing the same. 

Moreover, next year is the 25th Sonic Adventure anniversary. The new SADX will bring a lot of money to the company. But nowadays, it is evident there is a high chance of Sonic Adventure DX being released next year. So, the best option is to follow our website and get the latest news about Sega and Sonic on time.

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