Sea of Thieves – How to Get Trident of Dark Tides

Sea of Thieves game offers the essential pirate experience, from fighting and sailing to looting and exploring. In this new 3rd season, you will enjoy several new quests, items, and rewards to unlock including the ‘Trident of Dark Tides’. The Trident of Dark Tides is a new emergently found weapon that players can use. This weapon can be lotted, used, and dropped much like the Ashen Winds Skull. This weapon is extremely powerful as it features several levels of charge-based spells that offer an additional amount of damage. Since, this weapon is quite tough to get, here we have prepared a complete guide. 

How to Get Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves

Trident of Dark Tides weapon can be acquired by looting just like the Ash and Wind Skull while playing through A Pirate’s Life. You won’t find it in your Weapon Locker and so many players can’t find it easily. And so, here we have compiled all the locations of Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves.

1. By exploring a shipwreck

2. By defeating a Siren leader

3. By gaining access to a Skeleton Fort vault

4. By sinking a Skeleton ship

5. By searching on a beach

Once you find one from any of the above-mentioned locations, you can use it against real enemies or A.I. This weapon throws massive green-colored bubbles at your enemies and deals a great amount of damage. 

The size of this bubble is depended on how long you hold the trigger button. The longer you hold the trigger button, the bigger the bubble will blow out and deals more damage, but it takes a long time to attack.

You can use this weapon for a limited period of time as it runs out of power and melts away in your hands when it is out of charge entirely. Just like the Ashen Winds Skull weapon, you can check the status of the firepower it has. You can track it by how bright the gem glows. Check out the next post on this game – How to Beat Eel-ectric, Crab, and Hermit Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves.

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