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Scarlet Nexus -Wither Sabbat Location Guide

Scarlet Nexus Where to Find Wither Sabbat

There are a total of 34 side quests in the game of Scarlet Nexus which you need to complete in order to earn rewards. One of the quests in Scarlet Nexus is the ‘Surprise Test Cont’ quest in which you will need to find out Wither Sabbat and eliminate. This is one of the regular creatures and there are two in this quest by using the Brain Crush ability. Since it can be a bit tricky to find out the locations, we have given a complete guide on where to find Wither Sabbat in Scarlet Nexus.

Where to Find Wither Sabbat in Scarlet Nexus

There are only two locations where you can find Wither Sabbat in Scarlet Nexus:

Mizuhagawa District: Construction Site

This one of the easiest locations is Mizuhagawa District – Construction Site. You can reach this location quickly. Make sure to use teleport and fast travel system. When you reach this location, head to the main road for some time and you will reach an open area where you will see some giant machinery in the middle. You can use this machinery using your Psychokinesis power to deal heavy damage to the boss.

It is important to kill every enemy you see in this location to find out Wither Sabbat. Kill some of them quickly and then you will see your main target. Make sure to use your Brain Crush skill here to deal massive damage and bring it down. And then, go to the other location to kill the other one.

Kikuchiba: Mid-Level Shopping District

Another location is Kikuchiba: Mid-level Shopping District where you will find out another Wither Sabbat. By using teleport, go straight until you reach the end of this district. There you will see a parking lot, here you need to kill several enemies and once you’ll kill all of them, our main target Wither Sabbat will come out. Use the same method – Brain Crush and bring it down.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Wither Sabbat in Scarlet Nexus.

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