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Scarlet Nexus Other Ecology A – How to Get

Scarlet Nexus Other Ecology A - How to Get

In the game of Scarlet Nexus, enemies drop rare items when defeated. These items are crucial to progress the gameplay and they can be used as exchanges at the shop to upgrade weapons and to increase bond levels. Other Ecology A is also one of the rare items that only drop from certain enemies. If you have no idea which enemies drop Other Ecology A item in Scarlet Nexus and what are their locations, check out our following guide.

How to Get Scarlet Nexus Other Ecology A

In order to get the Other Ecology A item, you will need to find out and kill following Other enemies in Scarlet Nexus.

– Scummy Pendu

– Fuel Pool &

– Buddy Rummy

But are you wondering where to get these Other enemies? Well, most of the Other enemies you will find in the first area of Kikuchiba. When you will visit this district, make sure to go to the sub-level, construction level, and marketplace to find out. And for the Buddy Rummy enemy, you will find it in the Mizuhagawa NCD District and near the construction site.

However, the easiest option to check the location of these beasts is by clicking on the Enemies tab in the library. If you want to get Other Ecology A item quickly, we recommend you to use Brain Crush since it will force enemies to provide rare items when killed. That means, in order to use Brain Crush, either you do Psychokinesis or Rush follow attacks.

To use Rush Follow-Up Attack, first of all, you will need to do a Psychokinesis attack by pressing R2 or RT and then hit Square or X for a Follow-up Attack.

That’s all for this guide on How to Get Other Ecology A in Scarlet Nexus.

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