Scarlet Nexus – How to Get Fuel Pool

There are a lot of side quests in Scarlet Nexus in which you need to find and kill enemies to complete the quest successfully. Although some of the quests are very tough to complete, the first few quests are remarkably easy to finish. One of the easiest quests is ‘Trouble with Fire Quest’. Fuel Pool is one of the enemies in the game of Scarlet Nexus which you need to kill to complete the Trouble with Fire quest. It can be a bit difficult for some players to beat this boss, here we will tell you where to find Fuel Pool in Scarlet Nexus.

Where to Find Fuel Pool in Scarlet Nexus

Following are two locations where you will find out Fuel Pool in Scarlet Nexus.

1. In the Mid-Level Shopping District Point of Kikuchiba

By using your Fast Travel and Teleport, go straight to the Mid-Level Shopping District Point in Kikuchiba location. When you go straight on the main road, here you will find several of them in an open area. They are very close to the Fast Travel Point and so can easily find and kill them without wasting your time.

Fuel Pools are extremely weak to fire and attack and so, you can use any of your weapons or fire elements to kill them. We recommend using the SAS Pyrokinesis so you can kill them in no time. In order to complete the Trouble with Fire Quest, you only need to kill any two of them.

Just for your information that, in this location, you will also find ‘Vase Paws’. 

2. On the Upper-Level Construction site of Kikuchiba

The Upper-Level Construction site in Kikuchiaba is the second location to find several Fuel Pools. Here you need to find a bit and so it will take your time. So, the easiest and quickest way to find and Fuel Pool is the first location – Mid-Level Shopping District Point.

Once you find and kill Fuel Pool successfully in Scarlet Nexus, you will get Prometheus Torch Type 2 as a reward.

That’s how you can Find Fuel Pool in Scarlet Nexus.

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