Scarlet Nexus: How to Get Battle Record B

In the game of Scarlet Nexus, Battle Record B is one of the most important items which you get as drops from certain enemies. However, these rare enemies you will find only in some particular locations. These items are consumables, and the best part is that you do need to spend money to get them. Since this location is quite difficult to find, here we have come up with a complete guide on how to get Battle Record B in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Get Battle Record B in Scarlet Nexus

As we have just mentioned, Battle Record B is a rare item that you can get only from some enemies. Following are the 4 enemies you need to kill to get Battle Record B.

1. Bile Pool

2. Scummy Pendu

3. Vase Paws

4. Fuel Pool

You will get these rare enemies in the sub-level, construction site, and marketplace of Kikuchiba district. Since the Battle Record B item is a rare drop, the above enemies also drop a lot of other items. 

The best and easy method to farm Battle Record B is to use Brain Crush to defeat these enemies. In order to use Brain Crush, you need to use Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attacks or Rush Follow Attacks.

When you use these attacks to beat enemies, it will lower an enemy’s crush bar. So, first of all, you need to do a Psychokinesis Attack by pressing (R2 or RT) and then do a Rush Follow Up Attack by hitting Square or X.

That’s how you can get Battle Record B in Scarlet Nexus. Scarlet Nexus is quite a long game and so it is advisable to collect all the important items as much as you can.

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