Scarlet Nexus – Environment Data Items Location Guide

In the game of Scarlet Nexus, items are sort of equipment pieces or objects that you will need to find out throughout the game. Some of the items are more valuable and have a different rarity compared to others. Environment Data is one of the useful items which you can use to complete side quests. You can also use them to get the item from the shop.

But to find out is not that easy and so we have come up with an ultimate guide on where to find Environment Data Items in Scarlet Nexus.

Where to Find Environment Data Items in Scarlet Nexus

First of all, you need to know that each Environment Data item is related to a particular location. Thus, it will be easier for you to locate each of them. For instance, to find out about Mizuhagawa Environment B, you need to explore the Mizuhagawa District. Simple.

Similarly, they will be highlighted with other items which you will pick up in every location. They will be stand out as these items look like floating white cubes.

Now, let’s come to the main point – Where to find Environment Data Items in Scarlet Nexus? Let’s check out following some of the locations where you can easily find out these items.

1. You need to go in the opposite direction of the main mission marker for any of the areas in Scarlet Nexus, there is a high chance to get the Environment Data Items. 

2. Other best areas to find Environment Data Items are dead ends and corners of the map where you don’t check usually. These spots are also marked on the map and when you get closer to it, the spots are marked with a yellow arrow.

That’s all for this guide on where to find Environment Data Items in Scarlet Nexus

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