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Scarlet Nexus Boss Guide – How to Beat Karen Travers

Scarlet Nexus Boss Guide - How to Beat Karen Travers

Karen Travers is the main and most powerful enemy of the Scarlet Nexus game. He comes three times in the story. Once in Phase 3 ‘Inside Upside Down Reality’, the second time on the ‘Bridge of Purity’ at Arahabaki, and lastly in the final encounter in Sumeragi Tomb in Phase 12. Of course, since this is the final boss battle, the final encounter is going to be a bit longer and quite difficult. But do not worry! Here we have given a complete guide on How to Beat Karen Travers in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Beat Karen Travers in Scarlet Nexus

Once you know the tactics properly, it won’t be too tough to beat Karen Travers. Check out the following guide.

1st Phase

In the 1st Phase in the final battle, Travers will use all the same attacks he used in the first fight on the Kunad Highway. In this phase, your main goal is to get occasional hits using your Psychokinesis and weapons. Also, keep dodging and make sure to prevent yourself from his attacks. 

Mainly he will use two attack patterns – Warp Attack and Physical Attack. This time, you will use Tsugumi’s Clairvoyance for attacks. At the same time, you can also use Kagero’s Invisibility to hide from him. 

During the fight, Karen Travers will attack you by using massive electricity. The easiest way to avoid such an attack is to get away from him whenever he jumps up in the air.

The tougher part to avoid will be when he will use electricity balls. So, rather than avoiding, use Gemma’s Sclerokinesis and start running into the balls. This way, you won’t take any damage and they will be disappeared. However, these attacks are risky as they can impose paralysis and you won’t be able to move but you can use Sclerokinesis to nullify such damage.

One of the attacks by Karen Travers is a telegraphed ice move. To prevent yourself from this attack, use Luka’s Teleportation or Hypervelocity.

In the end, the health of Karen Travers will go down and then he will use your Psychokinesis, and then he will throw them at you. But if you can manage to dodge at the last moment, then you can throw them back at him. This is all about testing your time.

If he hits you, most of your health will come down. Then, heal yourself quickly and bring this boss down and finish this first phase by using a Brain Crush.

Beat Karen Travers

2nd Phase

The 2nd phase is going to be tougher. In this phase, you will see yourself on a round platform with lots of giant statues around you. Several items will drop on the platform and here your goal is to empty the health bars on the items to throw them back at the statues. Each of those items has time to reduce their health before the timer goes to zero. Following is a quick guide, how to manage such items.

1. A spinning fan: Use Psychokinesis and Sclerokinesis to get closer to it and attack it or you can also throw objects from the distance. Once its health bar is zero, hold L2 or LT to knock down a statue mask.

2. A Truck encircled by crystals: The next random item that will drop on the platform is a truck of crystals. This is pretty easy to hit. Use Sclerokinesis and ignore all of these damages. You can use Pyrokinesis or Electrokinesis for the massive damage. Once you will break these crystals, then throw the truck using the same method you did in the spinning fan.

3. Pillars of Ice: There will be a lot of Pillars of Ice items that will be dropped but a single item is real among many. There will be many pillars that will be risen and you will use Clairvoyance to find out that real one to attack. At this moment, Karen Travers will interrupt you which can be a bit challenging. All you need to do is to ignore him and activate Hypervelocity or Invisibility to demolish the ice crystals. Once done, now you can use Sclerokinesis to abolish all the damages by holding L2 or LT.

4. A Buch of electrical towers: This item is quite challenging. A lot of electrical towers will be stuck on the platform. Here you will need to use SAS Psychokinesis and connect with the other protagonists that you have not chosen. Now, hold down L2+R2 on PS or LT+RT on Xbox to throw all the items and deal massive damage.

From here on, start breaking and throwing random items. Keep repeating until you reduce the health of the Karen Travers to zero by using a Brain Crush.

Phase 3

The 3rd and the last phase is going to be even tougher. You will find your character in the dark and now you will have to fight directly with Karen Travers. Here, you need to keep dodging his melee attacks and attack back on him until you get help.

Here the platoon members will join you for the help. First of all, Shiden and Hanabi will come, then Tsugumi and Kagero, and lastly, Arashi and Kyoka will join.

Use all of these pairs with their SAS powers to beat Karen Travers. At this point, Karen won’t be able to do anything as now his health is awfully low so you and your team can beat him easily.

After defeating Karen Travers, you will earn 50,000 currency and 70,000 EXP as rewards.

That’s all for this guide on How to Beat Karen Travers in Scarlet Nexus.

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