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Scarlet Nexus Boss Guide – How to Beat Coil Moil

Scarlet Nexus Boss Guide - How to Beat Coil Moil

Coil Moil is one of the giant enemies that have a metallic coil head. You need to beat this enemy in order to unlock new locations that will help you to progress in the game. Also, it gives you several rewards. Since this enemy uses several different types of attacks at you, it is important to learn dodges and attacks skills. Once you go through the following guide, you will be able to kill this beast easily. Let’s learn how to Beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus – A complete Boss guide.

How to Beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus – A complete Boss guide

Before we proceed to the best strategies to beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus, first of all, know its weaknesses:

– Back Shell

– Teleportation

– Clairvoyance

– Pyrokinesis

Now let’s learn the step-by-step process to beat Coil Moil enemy easily.

1. First of all, you need to break its back shell which is one of its weaknesses. For this, you will use Tsugumi’s last-second dodge ability. When you use your Level 2 Clairvoyance, it will break it easily and automatically.

2. Once its back shell breaks, this enemy will fall over on the ground and then you can attack the ball-like thing on its back which is also one of its weak spots. You will use the special Psychokinesis attacks together with Hanabi’s Pyrokinesis abilities and give it massive damage.

3. During the battle, it is also important to master dodging as Coil Moil will attack you using different types of weapons such as ice pillars, blow icy wind, shoot water, and also if you will go close to it, it will wipe you out using its arms. So, to prevent yourself from such attacks, use Luka’s Teleportation.

4. Now use your Gemma’s Sclerokinesis and contradict damage and get closer to it by using the Teleportation. 

5. When the health of Coil Moil will go down, it will introduce some new attacks. You will use Clairvoyance and dodge easily those new attacks and focus to destroy its armor one more time. It will also attack you using floating bubbles which will come on you one after another. Watch out for them and simply use Sclerokinesis to prevent yourself.

6. These new attacks are pretty easy to manage. Now you continue your same attack and dodging patterns and eventually, you will be able to beat it successfully.

When you beat it, you won’t get only Coil Moil Analysis but, you will also earn 5,000 currency and 10,000 XP as rewards.

That’s all for this guide on how to Beat Coil Moil in Scarlet Nexus. 

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