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Scarlet Nexus Boss Fight Guide – How to Defeat Kagero Donne

Scarlet Nexus Boss Fight Guide - How to Defeat Kagero Donne

Scarlet Nexus has a lot of bosses and some of them are really tough to beat, but Kagero Donne is not one of them. You will encounter this boss in Kikuchiba. Unlike Karen Travers, who is a very difficult foe and the fight takes place in multiple stages, the fight with Kagero Donne has just a single stage. The boss fight is solo so you don’t have your party to help you, but that should not worry you. The attack available to you is Psychokinesis and the boss is a level 45. Here is how to beat Kagero Donne in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Defeat Kagero Donne in Scarlet Nexus

To defeat Kagero Donne in Scarlet Nexus, you must first know its attacks. The three major attacks or powers of the boss is Brain Drive, Invisibility, and Knife Throws. When the Brain Drive is active, the boss deals more damage than usual, so it would be wise to keep moving and deal attacks on the move. The Psychokinesis could be very useful here.

The boss can become invisible during the fight, but you can still see a faint outline of the boss. Pay attention and you won’t have difficulty spotting Kagero Donne when he is invisible. The third attack that he uses is knife throw. This can be dodged if you pay attention to the fight and dodge at the right time.

The strategy to defeat Kagero Donne in Scarlet Nexus is quite simple, dodge his attacks and land your attacks. For example, when he uses the knife attack, dodge it and if you get hit, use the Light Jelly heal. When he goes invisible, keep an eye on his attacks and dodge. As soon as he becomes visible again, use the Psychokinetic attack. If you get the change, perform the Brain Drive and subsequent attacks. This will break his shell more quickly.  

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