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Scarlet Nexus Boss Fight Guide- How to Beat Gunkin Fisher

Scarlet Nexus How to Beat Gunkin Fisher

In the game of Scarlet Nexus, you will encounter bosses throughout the game. These bosses feature a set of powerful and unique attacks. Usually, they have increased health and their own stats and behavior and so, sometimes it is very tough to beat. Gunkin Fisher is one of the giant bosses you will meet in Phase 5. This beast has six legs with bionic tubings and large spikes. This is one of the important bosses to beat to unlock near areas and to get several rewards. Let’s find out how to beat Gunkin Fisher in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Beat Gunkin Fisher in Scarlet Nexus

Before we proceed to the strategies to beat Gunkin Fisher boss, it is important to know that, the weakness of this boss is Pyrokinesis especially when it is covered in oil. In order to beat Gunkin Fisher in Scarlet Nexus, follow these strategies:

How to Beat Gunkin Fisher in Scarlet Nexus

Drop special objects on the Gunkin Fisher

Make sure to charge up your Psychokinesis and drop special objects which are hanging on it. Press L2 and drop them on it. This will give huge damage to Gunkin Fisher. Also, you can do the same attack while Fisher tries to climb up the ceiling. You can take down the entire ceiling along with Gunkin Fisher.

You won’t be able to use Melee attacks once it is on the ceiling. So, make sure to use your Psychokinesis skills to throw objects on it to deal major damage. So, keep filling up your Psychokinesis frequently.

Break its Shell and activate Brain Crush attacks

This enemy has a large-sized shell, you need to break it in order to activate the Brain Crush attack. This attack offers huge damage to this enemy. Keep attacking it using Brain Crush attack and damage as much as you can. Use this attack along with SAS Pyrokenises is quite effective.

Cover boss with oil by using Psychokinesis

This is one of the effective ways to deal major damage to the boss. Use your Psychokinesis and throw the debris in the oil container while it is on the floor. You can reach the oil container by pressing + Square on PS or A + X on Xbox. This attack will cause massive damage to its health bar and eventually, you will be able to beat Gunkin Fisher boss.

Once you defeat Gunkin Fisher successfully, you will get 670 Gold and 2,000 XP as a reward.

That’s all for this guide on How to Beat Gunking Fisher in Scarlet Nexus.

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