Scarlet Nexus Battle Record S – How to Get

Battle Record S is dropped from enemies in Scarlet Nexus and just like any other material item in the game, it can be sold. These materials are data that you have not researched and can be valuable information when fighting the others. There are several types of Battle Records and the Record S is one of them, others are Record A, B, and C. In this guide, we will show you how to get Battle Record S in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Get Battle Record S in Scarlet Nexus

To get Battle Records in Scarlet Nexus, you have to fight specific enemies. These enemies drop the Battle Record. For Battle Record S, you can fight a range of enemies starting from the first area. So, you can obtain the material quite early in the game. Here are the various enemies you can fight to get the Battle Record S and their locations.

Fuel Pool, Plateau Pendu, and Vase Paws are two of the early enemies you encounter that drop the Record S. You will find them in Kikuchiba on various places such as the marketplace, sub-level, and construction level.

Buddy Rummy is another enemy that’s been known to drop the record and can be found in the construction site or Mizuhagawa NCD Dist. Another way to find these enemies is to use the Library. You can find them via the enemies tab.

Once you have found the enemies, use a brain crush during the fight to ensure the maximum drop. Ending the enemy with the Brain Crush will allow you to get the best reward possible. But, first, you would have to weaken the enemy so you can finish with the brain crush.

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