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Scarlet Nexus: How to Get Battle Record A

Scarlet Nexus How to Get Battle Record A

Scarlet Nexus is one of the latest energetic and heart-pounding action games that features a lot of items to collect by killing several enemies. ‘Battle Record A’ is one of the rare and valuable items that can only be obtained by killing some particular enemies. When you kill these enemies, they drop ‘Battle Record A’ item along with many other items so it is surely going to take a bit of time to get it but it is worth waiting. Luckily, these enemies are pretty easy to find and kill. Let us quickly find out here about their locations.

How to Get Battle Record A in Scarlet Nexus

There are certain enemies in Scarlet Nexus that drop Battle Record A item. These few enemies are:

1. Fuel Pool

2. Buddy Rummy

3. Vase Paws

4. Bile Pool

5. Scummy Pendu

6. Scummy Rummy

7. Bandeau Pendu

In order to find these enemies, find them in sub-level, construction level, and marketplace in Kikuchiba district. However, do not miss to check out Mizuhagawa District also, as Scummy Rummy and Buddy Rummy enemies can be found at this location.

Since these Battle Record, A item is rare, you will need to wait for sometimes to drop when you kill these enemies. However, the best thing is that it is pretty easy to kill these enemies so you can get the rare Battle Record A item without putting in a lot of effort.

If you want to find out from where you can get these enemies, the easiest option is to check the enemies tab in the library. Conversely, we recommend you to use Brain Crush to kill them quickly and easily. 

That’s everything for this guide on How to Get Battle Record A in Scarlet Nexus. Also, check out the next post – How to Get Battle Record B in Scarlet Nexus?

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