Sands of Salzaar Is Having Its Biggest Update Ever

 Sands of Salzaar Is Having Its Biggest Update Ever

End of the year is a time not only for exciting news and leaks but also for updates. Even though the entire gaming community is focused on the Christmas updates in their favorite video games, hard-working developers keep regularly updating their video games. One of the perfect samples of such developers is Han-Squirrel Studio which released the grandest update for Sands of Salzaar at the end of the year. 

Massive December Update in Sands of Salzaar

Recently, on Sands of Salzaar Twitter appeared information that this video game is getting the largest update in its history. It includes 2 DLCs, new gear, game modes, and other stuff worth your attention. Continue reading the guide to find out more about this immersive update.

The main thing added in the newest update is 2 DLCs: Champion of Chaos and The Tournament. Champion of Chaos is the free DLC that includes 17 new talent trees and over 300 rebalanced skills. Also, there will be 5 new subclasses across the world.

The Tournament is a paid DLC, and it brings much more significant changes to the game. 

The Tournament DLC adds 3 new gameplay mechanics and 5 NPCs with custom visuals. Also, each NPC has a particular unique mechanic. Also, there will be various other minor changes like new gear and items.

Also, with the final 2022 update, developers announced that the mobile version of Sands of Salzaar is in the final stages of development. Moreover, developers opened the vacancy for QA Testers. So, you can even become a part of the mobile version of Sands of Salzaar. The role is paid. Therefore, you can even make money by testing an interesting video game.

That’s it with the biggest update in Sands of Salzaar. Follow our website if you are interested in more video game guides. Here you can find news and guides on various actual video games.

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